Art Cultural & Sports Programme

Cultural has been define by Matthew Arnold in literature and dogma as the
derriere and quest to know the best that has been abide and thought in the
word. It appease to be liberal and broad view of the culture but is not
comprehensive culture must be total product of charred and not merely on
acquisition from with out.
A nation without a culture heritage is like an orphan who has nothing
to fend upon, Indian culture is deeply rooted in here post. The Indian
collates is essentially religious and spiritualism is the breath of its nostrum
Religion is our soul and philosophy.
The Continuity and vitality of Indian Culture is one amazing indeed.
It is every powerful all embracing process. In the post it has received
adopted and disgusted the elements of many different culture Indo
European, Mesopotamian, Iranian, Carets Roman etc. The enduring
quality of Indian Culture represents the happy synthesis of wordiness and
the renunciation. Indian is developing materialistic attitude and wish to
enjoy all the amenities.